Program Highlights

Program highlights include:

  • Tuition-free
  • Concerto competition offering cash awards
  • Cultural exchange and the experience of living, working and performing with young artists from different countries
  • World-renowned faculty - opportunities to work with and see masters in performance through the guest faculty and alumni concerts
  • Cross-cultural participant collaboration for chamber performances during which participants realize language presents no barrier to learning
  • Frequent public performance opportunities that raise young musicians confidence levels
  • Participation in master classes, private lessons, orchestra, seminars
  • A strong sense of camaraderie among students from different countries
  • Internationally recognized program that was named “peerless in Canada” in an independent review:

“In measuring the overall strengths of the MMB program, one is struck by the well-organized and efficiently execute plan for students that is predicated on high artistic standards. There are few threats or vulnerabilities on the horizon that have not been carefully considered by the administration. An integrated approach to serving student, teacher, and community needs has led to a successful program for young musicians that is without peer in Canada and among the very best in the world.”
Dr. Douglas McNabney, McGill University, on behalf of the Department of Canadian Heritage