Financial Assistance

Coronavirus: MMB offers pandemic emergency fund aimed at helping our Alumni abroad who may be affected by COVID-19.

From time to time disasters happen!  We are currently facing COVID-19, characterized as a pandemic.  The impact has been felt globally.  Emergency Funding may be available to eligible MMB Alumni experiencing unanticipated, extraordinary financial hardship as a result of being displaced from their housing/dormitories of the music schools they are currently enrolled at being shut down and/or if the student is unable to travel home due to the tougher travel restrictions in place.  

We know many of the schools/institutions are working with the students to make sure that no-one is left with nowhere to go and offering refunds for the semester’s room and board costs.  For any MMB Alumni displaced with no alternatives available to you we invite you to apply, providing us with a clear description of your circumstances including the value of the funds needed to get home or to pay for alternate accommodation and/or living expenses for up to 2 months should your country be a Level 2 or 3 on the Travel Health Notice.   

Our emergency financial assistance will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Applicant must:

  • be an Alumni of MMB program
  • be currently enrolled in a music post-secondary institution where you have encountered an unforeseen financial crisis (i.e. displaced from school housing) due to coronavirus
  • demonstrate you have already accessed the resources offered by your school/institution

Please provide sufficient detailed information to assess costs eligible for financial assistance.  Email:

Requests for emergency funding, including the amount of funding awarded, will be granted at the discretion of the MMB Administration. Considerations will include the nature of the emergency; the student’s financial situation and whether all resources available have been exhausted.  Emergency funding available up to a maximum of $3000.