In July, 1997 the first Morningside Music Bridge established a new benchmark for international summer programs and garnered national and local media coverage in both Canada and China. Conceived by Paul Dornian, former Director of the Mount Royal University Conservatory, and Andy Chan, Morningside Group, the program brought together Canadian and Chinese young musicians to perform on an international stage and measure themselves against the very best young performers globally.

The program was hosted by Mount Royal University until 2015. In the intervening years it grew to include outstanding participants not only from the two original participating nations and Poland (a core partner since 2003), but from many other countries worldwide. It has evolved into Canada’s most extensive and comprehensive summer music training program for young artists, and was described as “without peer in Canada and among the very best in the world.” (Dr. Douglas McNabney, on behalf of the Department of Canadian Heritage)

The 20th Anniversary Celebration in Beijing (July 2016) marked the third time Morningside Music Bridge has been held outside Canada. In 2006 the 10th Anniversary celebrations were held in Shanghai, China, hosted by the Middle School attached to the Shanghai Conservatory, and the 2009 program was held in Gdańsk, Poland, with the generous support of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Stanisóław Moniuszko Academy.

In October 2016, The Morningside Music Bridge Foundation and The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra announced a partnership where by the internationally recognized Morningside Music Bridge Program is now part of the Calgary Philharmonic’s suite of educational programs.